Issues - Peggy Hubbard for U.S. Senate
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Congress should never undertake an endeavor which does not prioritize America’s interests above the interests of the rest of the world.

Whether it’s sending our military men and women into endless battles in far flung locations around the globe, or sending foreign aid to nations that aim to do us harm, Congress has failed to put America first.

Globalism and an interventionist foreign policy have failed the American people.

I’ll fight every day to make sure the interests of American citizens are always put first.


I was a cop.

My husband was a cop who was shot in the line of duty.

I know what it means to back the blue.

Violent leftists who target law enforcement officers, destroy property and threaten Americans’ safety have no place in our society.

I will always stand proudly with our law enforcement officers and defend the rule of law.


I will stand with President Trump and fight to fund and build the border wall. This includes supporting alternative proposals to get the job done such as Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s “El Chapo” bill that would seize the assets of Mexican drug cartel leaders in U.S. Custody and taking money from cities that openly disobey the law by becoming “Sanctuary Cities”.

Building the wall on our southern border is one of my top priorities.


For decades, the Democrat Party has abused the very communities they claim to represent.

They’ve worked hard to keep minorities and the poor on the government plantation, neglected their needs and kept them down in order to use them as pawns to protect their own political power.

These forgotten communities, like those in Southside Chicago’s Democrat Ghettos, bear the brunt of the federal government’s failed policies — whether it’s corralling the poor into housing projects, or working toward the decimation of the nuclear family — it’s time these forgotten communities escape the government plantation once and for all.

I will work to create opportunities to break the chains off members of these communities, so they too can thrive and prosper.


Guns save lives, but many on the left are out to eliminate our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.

This is unacceptable and extremely dangerous. Restricting the gun rights of law abiding citizens has had a disastrous impact in Illinois, just look at the bloodshed in Chicago.

I will defend our Second Amendment rights by fighting to remove unconstitutional restrictions already on the books and opposing all efforts to infringe on our right to bear arms.


Illegal immigration threatens America’s security, economic health and jobs for low and middle class workers.

I will crackdown on illegal immigration and work to turn illegal aliens over to ICE for deportation. Every illegal immigrant arrested should be deported – no questions asked.

I will work side-by-side with the Trump Administration to make that happen.

I will fight to end illegal immigration, oppose all forms of amnesty, and ban sanctuary cities. I won’t back down to establishment pressure.


In response to President Trump’s historic win in 2016, unhinged leftists mobs led by groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter, have resorted to rioting, destruction of property and physical violence — putting our homes, families, and private property at risk.

This is not who we are. This barbarism must end NOW.

The last two years our economy has surged strongly under the leadership of the president. Instead of rioting and setting things on fire, Illinois needs to get with the program.

As U.S. Senator, I will stand up to the radical leftist mobs and extremists.


I am 100% pro-life, period.

Every life must be protected from the moment of conception until natural passing.

This isn’t a “lip service” issue for me. I’ve lived it. I chose life.

As U.S. Senator, I will work to defund Planned Parenthood entirely and fight to restrict abortion at every opportunity.


Illinois was once one of the best states in America for business and job growth, but after decades of liberal policies, we continue to lose thousands of jobs to other states — jobs Illinois desperately needs.

Big government liberal policies have failed the people of Illinois. It’s time to get serious about tackling this problem head on.

As U.S. Senator, I will oppose the job-killing big government policies that have plagued our state for decades and will fight to lower taxes, reduce the size of government and pass legislation that creates economic opportunities that will allow the citizens of Illinois to unleash our potential.


Free and fair elections are the bedrock of our republic.

Unfortunately, many modern elections have been tainted by fraud.

Voting by non-citizens, ballot harvesting, absentee ballot fraud and outright identify theft. These deliberate acts of fraud undermine Americans’ trust in what should be one of our most trusted institutions. We must put an end to it.

As U.S. Senator, I will be a strong supporter of Voter ID laws and encourage and support legislation to protect our elections.