Meet Peggy - Peggy Hubbard for U.S. Senate
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Born in a St. Louis ghetto in 1964, the sixth of eight siblings, Peggy watched her mother suffer abuse at the hands of her father until she was 6 years old, when he abandoned the family.


Peggy and her siblings were raised by her single mother with the help of her maternal grandparents, devout Catholics who made family values the centerpiece of her youth.


Peggy attended Saint Louis public schools and took an early interest in history and social studies. She graduated from Soldan High School in 1983 where she excelled in sports and student government and went on to attend Forest Park Community College.


While attending college, Peggy was eager to make a difference in the world and decided to attend a job fair where she was presented with an opportunity to make an impact through service to our nation.


In 1984, Peggy enlisted in the United States Navy. She attended bootcamp at NAS in Orlando, Florida and went on to serve on board various ships including USS Samuel Gompers AD 37, USS Yosemite AD 19, Naval Air Station (NAS) Alameda, NAS Vallejo, NAS Mare Island and in the Navy Reserve.


While serving in the Navy, Peggy became pregnant out of wedlock in 1986. She was convinced by friends to have an abortion and went to a Planned Parenthood clinic to have the procedure.


But after hearing her baby’s heartbeat and seeing an ultrasound for the first time, Peggy decided that she couldn’t go through with the abortion. She couldn’t make her unborn daughter pay the death penalty for her actions.


She refused to go through with the procedure and had to physically resist and fight off the Planned Parenthood employees who tried to hold her down and force her to kill her child. Since that day, Peggy has been a staunch defender of the unborn and believes that life must be protected from the moment of conception.


After her first marriage ended in divorce after years of abuse, Peggy was a single mother to her two small children. Strongly committed to personal responsibility and living life on her own terms, free of government dependency, Peggy refused welfare and choose to work three jobs to support her young children.


In 1991, Peggy met Officer Charles Hubbard of the Saint Louis Police Department and in 1994 they were married, forming a combined family with six children, including four children from her husband’s previous marriage.


Peggy went to work as a Court Officer for the Saint Louis County Police Department and later was hired to by the Internal Revenue Service where she worked for 15 years.


Her time at the IRS was eye opening. She witnessed first hand the inefficiency, waste, fraud and abuse that infests massive government bureaucracies.


While still working at the IRS, Peggy and Charles were putting their children through college, Peggy felt a calling to serve her community once more and became a police officer serving in Southern Illinois’ poorest communities from 2003 until 2007.


In 2014, in response to the shooting death of Michael Brown by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, riots broke out in the communities where Peggy spent her childhood.


The officer involved in the shooting was Darren Wilson, a man who had been labeled a racist by the leftwing mob, but as personal friend, Peggy knew Officer Wilson was wrongly accused.


Peggy watched her husband Charles and his fellow police officers being pelted with heavy objects and feces as they worked to counter the Ferguson riots and restore stability to the community.


In 2015, Peggy became the enemy of Black Lives Matter and Antifa when she voiced her anger over the murder of Jamila Bolden, a 9 year old girl who was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting while doing her homework on mother’s bed. All of this was happening in the very same communities where Peggy grew up. She’d seen enough.


Peggy posted a video online blasting the rioting mob for vandalizing, looting and destruction of property in her community in response to the shooting death, by police officer, of a violent criminal who had taken the innocent life of Jamila Bolden.


The video went viral, thrusting her into the national media spotlight and making her the target of left wing radicals. In 2016, Peggy’s husband was forced to retire after being shot twice in the line of duty by a Black Lives Matters activists who is now serving 27 years in prison.


Peggy was an early supporter of Donald Trump in the Republican primary and attended his campaign rally at Union Station in Saint Louis. She believed America needed a President who was not a politician, someone who would put America First, get serious about renegotiating bad trade deals, fight for the military, support law enforcement and stand up to the media and the politically correct outrage mob.


In 2017, the Mayor of Saint Louis announced her intentions to remove Civil War Monument. As a student of American history, Peggy immediately took up challenge to stop Mayor Lydia Krewson from destroying history.


Peggy was victorious in her efforts save to the monument which quickly led to being one of the early targets of Silicon Valley’s efforts to silence conservatives online. Peggy was banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


Peggy has watched for decades as forgotten communities have been abused and neglected by elected representatives like Senator Dick Durbin. She’s had enough.


Peggy Hubbard is a Navy Veteran, former police officer, an NRA member and Harley Davidson enthusiast.


Her entrance into politics is indicative of her lifelong battle for truth, justice, and a mission to bring a hopeful future to the forgotten communities in Illinois.


She takes pride being called an American Patriot and wears the scars made by left wing radicals as a badge of honor.